Youth + Team Sik Bird


We provide a variety of options for your young one! Not only do we have personalized coaching, summer camps, and school programs, but we also have a great group involved with our Youth Team: Team Sik Bird!


Youth Climbing Teams at Movement provide an excellent outlet for youth ages 6 – 18 to learn about climbing, work in groups, set personal goals, and meet new friends.


See below for further information on youth opportunities and contact us if you think your youngster might be interested.


Junior Club


Prep Team


Rolling Month to Month Registration
Starts ASAP
General Age: 6 – 8
Monday 4:30-6:00p
Focus: Safety, Fun, Games, Teamwork and Basic Climbing Technique
$110 per Month
Includes Membership

Rolling Month to Month Registration
Starts ASAP
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-6:30p
Focus: Safety, Fun, Top Rope Belaying, Team Building, Responsibility, Basic Climbing Technique
Note: Best place to start if you have been on a climbing club before!!
$130 per month
Includes Membership

Tryout and Trail Period Required
Starts ASAP
Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30-6:30p
Focus: Safety, Responsibility, Learning, Intermediate Technique, Sport Lead Climbing, Bouldering, Community and Having Fun!
Note: These kids are psyched to climb!
$170 per month
Includes Membership

Tryout, Trail Period and Recommendation Required
Starts ASAP
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Focus: Focus/Values: Safety, Leadership, Teambuilding, Advanced Technique, Training, Competition,
Outdoor Climbing, and Work Ethic
Note: These kids crush!
$240 per month
Includes Membership

Movement offers a variety of on-going climbing teams for youth ages 6 – 18. In addition, we also offer a variety of lessons and classes for younger students, depending on their need.

We work often with the individual youth to help with specific skill sets in a private coaching session.
We have also worked with many clubs and schools that have curriculum that merits having classes in a climbing and fitness facility over a duration of several months.

If you have questions about how we might help instruct your youngster or a group of them, please contact us for further detail relating to curriculum, pricing and scheduling.

**If interested in our Youth Teams, please call or email. All classes require a 24 hour advance sign-up. If you must cancel your class and are unable to do so at least 24 hours in advance, you will forfeit that class and all payments associated therein.