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JANUARY 21, 2014

Movement Climbing + Fitness: Denver, CO

We're on our way in 2014 and the pace is picking up! Thanks to Louder Than 11 for this awesome clip about what's to come. You won't want to miss this video...

We've also been busy getting our Team together and hope you'll join us in welcoming Chris Rosen as our Managing Director and Paul Dusatko as our Brand Director. These two gentlemen add a great dynamic to Movement!

Chris Rosen - avid climber, coffee enthusiast, and constant connector - joins us as Managing Director. Chris traveled to India to study tea before working at Pekoe and the Tea Box in Boulder, CO. He then opened his own shop, Atlas Purveyors, which was a popular gathering spot and also home to such innovative groups as the Boulder Open Coffee Club. His years of experience with start-ups will lend well to the rigor involved with getting our Denver location off the ground. Chris is very excited to help build the Movement Denver community, and his passion for service and quality will be a great addition to Movement.

Chris R head shot v2               Chris R v2

Paul Dusatko is an industry veteran. He spent many formative years in California and moved to Colorado about 5 years ago, continuing his work in the climbing industry as manager of a facility. He will be taking on a lead position as Brand Director for Movement Denver and Movement Boulder. His extensive work with videography and marketing for video giant Netflix, to his own company Integrity 7, has given him insight to what intrigues people and ties communities together. Paul enjoys focusing on the greater climbing community and thinking about what will make our industry the best it can be, in addition to getting out often to pursue his own personal climbing (Hueco and RMNP are two of his favorite areas). We are excited to have someone with such a wealth of experience guiding the Movement brand.

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Questions about what else is going on at Movement Denver? Stay tuned or you can always email us at info@movementdenver.com.